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Social Netwwork Analysis (SNA) Bookmarks

In order to provide an overview on all the interesting information and resources on social media & social network analysis that I constantly find all across the Internet I thought it would be a good idea to collect those links in a Social Bookmarking service and make my discoveries available online. The most popular service was in some trouble recently and I therefore decided to host my bookmakrs about SNA & SMA on another social bookmarking service. Mister Wong provides a good alternative; It offers individualized user profiles and has a nice group feature. My Social Media and Social Networking based profile is called Social Media and Social Network Analysis and can be found at:
There is a great social feature in - it allows users to make use of existing tags. This is really helpful when bookmarking new content, as I will automatically provide tagging suggestions. Therefore I will also remain my account alive (available at


Research Papers and Scientic Articles about Social Network Analysis

Research Papers and Scientic Articles about Social Network Analysis collected by Steve Stein, M.Sc. using Mendeley.

When it comes to organizing research papers and other scientific articles the research network Mendeley is a great tool to do so. The platform offers a easy to use desktop client to manage all documents and papers online and offline and share them with others or make collections available to other users.

Those public or shared collections provide an easy way to collaborate on a topic by allowing others to upload documents into shared collections or by allowing students to access for example resources and required reading material online.

Here is my public collection on Social Network Analysis, filled with papers and articles that investigate the topic from different perspectives. Besides the pure references you will also be able to find download links to the document and additional information such as keywords, authors, tags and the abstract of the papers.

If your browser does not support iframes you can access the Social Network Analysis Collection directly over

Check out more of Steve Stein's Public Research Paper collections from other areas of Information Architecture, including Search Engine Engineering or the Freedom of Information.

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About Social Network Analysis (SNA) Blog


I am Steve Stein, M.Sc. in Digital Media and Diploma Computer Scientist (Media Informatics). My special interest is "Information Architecture (IA)"and I am active in this area for about 10 years now. Besides my Master Thesis about handling Information in the Information Age and my earlier Diploma Thesis about Information Usability and Accessibility I am lately exploring the area of Social Network Analysis (SNA) as well as User Experience (UX) Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Semantic Web (Web 3.0) Design and Search Engine Engineering (SEE).

With this Blog I just started combining my various scientific profiles, research resources and useful presentations/documents for the area of "Social Network Analysis (SNA)" under the hood of a blog. This should help to keep up with my different shared articles, tweets and social links in the area of "Information Architecture (IA)".

I hope you will find some interesting resources on these pages and I would be happy about any comments, feedback or hints about new and exciting developments.

Steve Stein